The beginning of men! (International men’s day special)

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Hi friends! 👋 Special hello to all men! 🧔🙋 Today is “International Men’s Day.” This is the day dedicated to appreciate men. So, happy men’s day everyone.

Men are vital part of our society. Without men there would be no society. Even the Holy scriptures say that God is the one who created a “man.”

And Hashem Elohim formed the adam of the aphar min haadamah, and breathed into his nostrils the nishmat chayyim; and the adam became a nefesh chayyah.

Bereshis 2:7 OJB

The first man God created was called the Adam. He was created from the dust of the ground (aphar min haadamah). God breathed in his nostrils the breath of life (nishmat chayyim).

And Hashem Elohim said, It is not tov that the adam should be alone; I will make him an ezer (a helper) suitable for him.

Bereshis 2:18 OJB

God didn’t leave the man all alone. He decided to provide a beautiful helper for Adam. God decided to fashion a woman (isha). Woman was created from the rib of Adam. Woman was the zenith of his creation.

And the tzela (rib), which Hashem Elohim had taken from the adam, made He an isha, and brought her unto the adam.

Bereshis 2:22 OJB

So Adam’s mission was to take care of the Eden garden. He was supposed to have dominion over the Earth. On his own he would have been a great failure. A beautiful wife in the form of Eve made all the difference.

By adding a woman to lonely man, God created a family. One family gave rise to many families. Many families became a society. Many societies gave rise to nations. Many nations make our world.

So, God started the creation of human race by creating one man and his woman. Therefore, let us celebrate the man. Man is important and woman is more important. These are my thoughts for this year’s “International Men’s Day.”

True wealth!

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Recently a horrendous incident took place in our state. It shook the whole state. A person was hacked to death by three men in broad daylight.

Around 12 noon, the news channels started reporting a broad daylight murder in a busy section of the city. Everyone was shocked about this development.

No sooner, video of the incident began to be circulated over the social media. It was quite upsetting to watch the culprits running away after stabbing and shooting the victim.

It was more surprising and disgusting that people instead of saving the wounded, they were busy recording this event. What a shameful act it was!

Also, the killers were seen to slip away so easily without any person intercepting them. I was angry and my blood was boiling within me.

It was clear that the motive for this murder might have been a failed robbery plan. Surprisingly, they didn’t rob anything from the shop.

It was a jewelry Shop. The owner lost his life. We are living in such a horrific world. People are killing each other for the perishable wealth. These murders were apprehended by the police by next day morning.

They might get punished for their crime, however how will they escape the wrath of God. May God comfort the bereaved. May God grant justice to the victim of this crime.

Luke 9:25 (CJB): What will it benefit a person if he gains the whole world but destroys or forfeits his own life?

We have to realise that our soul is greater treasure than the whole wealth in the world. By placing our faith in Yeshua, we can secure the destiny of our future.

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Saddened by the Kerala plane tragedy.


At least 16 people including pilot killed when a plane carrying 190 aboard from Dubai skidded the runway at Kozhikode airport in Kerala. This tragedy took place at the time of landing in heavy rain.

Please pray for the 112 injured people.

Helplines: Airport Control Room – 0483 2719493, Malappuram Collectorate – 0483 2736320, Kozhikode Collectorate – 0495 2376901.


I salute Ace Pilot,Ex NDA Wing Commander (rtd),Sir D V Sathe. He sacrificed his own life to save his passengers lives. I pay my condolences to the breaved family. Source