Overcoming fear of COVID-19!

Myself in full gear!

How to overcome fear of COVID-19? It’s hard to overcome it. However, doctors have limited choice. They have to venture into fearful situations all the time.

You can see me in full attire to overcome the risk of contracting COVID-19. This PPE helps me to protect myself from the coronavirus.

This suit will help me to overcome my fear of COVID-19. Although I am fully covered, yet I have to be very careful. I have to keep safe distance from the COVID-19 positive cases.

It’s not comfortable at all but my body is getting used to it. Now I am able to survive with full PPE for longer periods. This coverall is an essential armour for all health care providers.

Therefore, it’s my earnest request to all my readers, “please take care of yourself and your family.” Don’t give heed to covidiots who claim that it’s a faux.

COVID-19 is real. If it was possible I would have shown you the sufferings of the patient, however it’s unethical. There are real people going through real sufferings due to COVID-19.

There are real doctors and nurses who have to risk their lives to provide care for them. I hope this message will help you to understand the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic more vividly. Take care 💝

My first day in the COVID-19 ward!

It was a Friday morning. My waiting period was over. I was waiting for the current ward to be converted to COVID-19 ward.

The house surgeon informed me that finally they managed to shift out the non-COVID-19 patients. COVID-19 patients got admitted to this ward.

I was afraid to enter this COVID-19 ward. My spacialty isn’t about treating COVID-19 victims. But, due to overwhelming escalation of cases dictated that we should help.

I was dependent on the internal medicine specialist for guidance. I had no experience with PPE. I got a call from the specialist that this person is going for patient rounds.

I was invited to join the rounds. I hesitantly agreed. I was least prepared for what was awaiting for me. I was handed a PPE. The specialist kindly guided me through “donning.”

We entered the area where actual COVID-19 patients were treated. It was very scary situation. This was the first time I was experiencing a very close contact with positive cases.

I was profusely sweating inside my PPE. I persevered through around one hour through the rounds. I developed sick feelings. I was feeling exhausted and giddy.

I mentioned to my colleague that I need a break. That doctor had warned me about her first experience with PPE. She told me to relax in a chair.

I was sweating more profusely. I didn’t even know that wherever I was moving and halting I was leaving a puddle of sweat on the floor. This was happening in another ward. We were yet to go to my ward.

After an hour that doctor said we will go to my ward. To my luck, there were only 3 patients. She quickly finished with them.

We approached the “Doffing” room. I quickly followed the instructions of my colleague. I freed myself from the PPE I was wearing. I was was out of PPE however the heat exhaustion continued.

I was having strange feelings. I wasn’t feeling well. I triggered my migrane. I was tired, exhausted, with intense headache. I felt like I am going to collapse any moment.

After sometime I had liberty to go home. I reached home. After steam inhalation and bath I took a big nap. Then around 12 midnight I experienced relief from my headache.

I admired all my doctor and nurse colleagues for the efforts they take to provide care to COVID-19 patients. I salute each one of them. Today I know how they feel.