The indicriminate virus

Source credit: English

Many of the infectious diseases usually affect poor people. The low socioeconomic factors and overcrowding contribute to the occurance of many infectious diseases.

Surprisingly, the SARS-CoV-2 has infected the royal and famous personalities. The politians used to somehow escape from the infectious agents.

COVID-19 doesn’t seem to differentiate between the rich and poor, famous or not. The people in the palaces aren’t safe. The virus did breach the royal guard security to infect the Prince.

The politicians are infected in dozens. The coronavirus aren’t terrified by the blue color job holders as well. The police force is also aquired this infection. Many policemen lost their lives to Covid-19 infection.

Coronavirus pandemic hasn’t spared any nation. It has managed to penetrate into every nook and corner of the world.

So, it’s a great lesson we learn. The virus has no prejudice against anyone. It just attacks anyone who comes in its way. Be aware! Be careful! Be home! Stay safe!

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