Dear friend

To my dear word press and reader friends.

Hi everyone. Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed friendship day. I am a new comer to blogging world.

I didn’t know anything about blogging but I wanted to check out what is blogging all about. Thanks to word press for providing such a friendly platform to showcase our talents.

I didn’t have any blogging buddies. I entered into blogging as a lonely person. I was worried about being rejected and neglected.

I began reading some other seasoned bloggers. The first blog post which I read and was very close to my blog was 3 ways to engage Your Audience As a Christian blogger. Thanks TR for that wonderful post. It did helped me lot.

I have posted many posts and so far I have received 20 likes and many comments. I want to thank each and everyone for your valuable feedback, comments, encouragement.

Every like brought great joy and satisfaction. First time ever a had great sense of acceptance in my heart. Six successful bloggers are already following my blog. I am extremely excited about this. I never thought in my dreams that my blog will receive so much appreciation.

I fall short of words to express my gratitude to all of you. I really want to thank Lord Jesus for providing such wonderful friends all around the world.

I haven’t seen you face to face and not even sure whether I will be able to see you in my life time. But one thing is absolutely sure, we will meet in glory with the Lord.

Till then…. God bless you. With lots of love and regards. 😊♥️🎭♥️

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